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30 July 2011 @ 02:35 am
choosing only ONE of my favorite couple in the whole world is a difficult job !!  
i know, that's a long subject title, lol..
but it sure did.. how the hell am i supposed to choose only ONE fav couple, i already read yaoi since almost 10years ago, i have so many candidates playing around in my mind..
but since it's the first time i wrote this kinda thing, i'll choose the very first couple i fall in love with,,,
so, here they are :

from Tokyo Babylon, X - 1999, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle..

truthfully, remembering about this couple is so damn hurtful and sad :'(
but i really love this couple, and i wish CLAMP will make a happy ending for both of them *though that's nearly hopeless*

the first time i know about them is from X, i instantly fallin' in love with the image of subaru, while he was smoking, it was so cool *_*.. later i found out about their twisted fate with sei-chan..
and it was soooo angsty, i think i almost hate clamp, for making a very sad ending, and for making both of them hurting for each other, i mean really, clamp is so unfair with them (well obviously to subaru), here's the evidence :

1. after he had the courage to confessing his love to the one he loved, he found out that the one he loved was actually want to KILL him..
2. not recover from his shock about sei-chan, who actually want to kill him, now his most important person got killed by someone he loved the most !!
3. after spending 8years with sadness and his grudge toward sei-chan, only to make him realize what he trully want is not killing sei-chan, or forgetting all about sei-chan.. his only wish is to be killed by the person he loved, and die in their hand, and that person is sei-chan..
so much of sei-chan's influence in subaru, in X you could see subaru smoke a lot, a bad habit he got from sei-chan.. he even let his left eye blinded, just like sei-chan..
4. and now, the cruelest episode i ever seen (i almost frantically throw my monitor or anything near me everytime i saw / read / remember about this scene)..
yes, the scene from their last battle on Rainbow Bridge, when subaru thought that finally sei-chan would grant his wishes (and that is got killed by sei-chan, which sei-chan tragically thought the other way),
thanks his Hokuto last spell, instead of sei-chan killing subaru, it was subaru killing sei-chan T_T..
and with tearful eyes and blood-stained on his cheek, he asked "why", and tell sei-chan what he trully want, sei-chan only smiled while whispering to him : "as always, you're too kind to kill someone", and continued : "subaru-kun, i ....... you", subaru's face went from silence to utter shock, and then he was crying and hugging sei-chan's dead body, as he said "You never say what I expect you to say, do you?"  ------------ aaarrgghh WTF... what did you say to subaru, sei-chan, ???
5. even after sei-chan died, subaru couldn't get over with his sadness, he became emptier and emptier, even kamui couldn't help him.. and finally he decided to take the path as the sakurazukamori, the path where will only lead him to more painful life T__T
and my question is, when are you going to be happy  ???

this is the moment when sei-chan's died, it still the biggest mystery what his last words to subaru is, but i had predicted that it was "aishiteru, well the words perfectly fits with his lips movement in the anime xD~..
at least that's what i'm wishing for ^^

i know there's still hope for them in Tsubasa Reservoir  Chronicle (i know it's already ended, but i haven't read it yet),
that's my ONLY hope, that their both will have an happy ending in there, X is pretty much a doomed for this couple T____T

anyway, i wrote this as an attempt to join shinscans contest.. i just thought it would be fun ^^
well then, that's it from me..

credits for screencaps : sakurazukamori
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[ rin ]mr_redrum on July 29th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
yo, nggie...

eh, boleh gak gue kasih komen disini? soalnya tulisan-nya kamu nulis ini buat join community, gitu...

btw, I abso-fucking-lutely understand your feeling about want to throw something everytime a wrenchingly heart broken scene appear involving our otp. gue pernah beneran mo nglempar netbook gue ke tv pas adegan yg mbuat nangis di salah satu episode yg gue tonton. furious banget, pokoke.

uhm, btw I remember that scene you mentioned in here, subaru smoking... kalo gak salah ada telepon masuk tapi gak diangkat-angkat ama subaru, trus ada ibu2 tua pake kimono ngomong sesuatu ama dia, bener gak? I think I still have those X manga. termasuk salah satu judul yg gue masih eman buat ngejual. yg lain-nya udah goodbye...

also, dari tulisan kamu disini gue narik kesimpulan, ternyata jika seseorang yg amat kita cintai, katakan-lah, tak ada lagi untuk mensupport kita, bisa ya membuat kita choosing bad decision yg pada akhirnya menggiring kita ke jalan yg salah and like you said in here, to more painful life...

yeah, hal yg sama kejadian juga di otp gue, btw...

well, have good time in the contest, anyway. sorry gue ramblings disini... sabtu2 masih pagi, iseng2 nge-check lj, udah lama gak online disini :P
-zZz-miuzzz on August 10th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
ohhh my gosh it's been so long since the last time i saw you, rin ^^
how are you..??
haha kirain dirimu uda bener2 meninggalkan dunia LJ...

and of course, you can make a comment in here :)
sebenarnya ini bkn buat join community sihh, gw uda join, ini cuma skedar membuktikan eksistensi ajah, and i thought it would be fun^^

emang, X itu bener2 karya clamp yg paling kejam, uda pairing kesukaan gw dibikin mati satunya, satunya lagi jadi depressed, uda gitu menggantung pula, kaga ditamat2in =__= ngeselin... tapi mau gimana lg, mereka salah satu pairing pertama yg bikin gw terjerumus di dunia yaoi, so i love them no matter what..

anyway, sapa otp lu yg ngalamin kejadian yg sama ??

also, by the way, i don't if i should write it at here, but well,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ^^
wish you have all the best in the world...
and i don't know if you're still into with Zoro X Sanji, but i send you something at your inbox ^^
hope you'll like it..
enjoy your birthday :)
azh_hikariazh_hikari on April 21st, 2012 02:55 pm (UTC)
setelah baca bagian
"subaru-kun, i ....... you"
Jadi ingat lagi, dulu aku ngerasa bagian ini aneh banget, tapi setelah belajar tenses Nihongo jadi ngerti lol, kata kerja selalu di taruh di belakang makanya kalimat Seishirou ini berasa ironic banget. Sampe saat terakhir pun, after what they've been through mereka tetap tidak bisa mengutarakan perasaan mereka T^T

Anyway, versi komiknya kan beda banget tuh ama versi Anime, tapi berhubung ini Clamp, curigaku mungkin manga bakal di-abandon aja kali (sekarang masih status hiatus). Ato bakal di-update waktu kita akhirnya udah lupa ama series ini...
-zZz-miuzzz on April 22nd, 2012 05:17 am (UTC)
makanya ngarep dia bilang "subaru-kun, kimi wo aishiteru"

sigh, mau di-abandon ato apapun sebenernya aku uda hopeless, abis diapa2in seishirou jg uda mati T^T, kecuali si clamp mao bikin dia bangkit dari kubur... secara clamp kan punya tendensi membuat smua phak jadi happy ending tanpa diduga2..
sebenernya menurutku ending anime-nya uda cukup bagus sihh..
tapi, who knows lahh, toh gohou drugs ternyata skrg dilanjutin lagih, entah gimana dengan X nanti...
azh_hikariazh_hikari on April 22nd, 2012 10:11 am (UTC)
iya kan plotnya anime aja udah lumayan beda ama manga yang sampe sekarang, kita berharap aja kalo di lanjutin, Seishirou nggak jadi mati XDD